Why Is Surveillance An Inevitable Need For Homes?

Home surveillance has become an inevitable security need due to the increasing vulnerability of the society. The sense of security is at risk for everyone, be it a renter or room owner. The same need leads to the foundation of the iVaid Surveillance. You cannot stop what is predestined, but the loss can be reduced to a great with the help of an effective surveillance system.

Home Surveillance is Mainly of Two Types:

Indoor Home Surveillance-

With the help of the indoor surveillance, you can keep eyes on the babysitters, housekeepers or an ongoing construction in your home. You can prevent a security break in your home premises with the help of hidden home security cameras. There are various hovering security threats to your home, especially when it is vacant. Also, there are many natural calamities that may cause damage to your living and non-living assets when you are not at home. But with the help of CCTV camera for home, you can get alerted on a real time basis thereby lessen the risk.

Outdoor Home Surveillance-

Outdoor home surveillance is an effective way of home monitoring that deals mainly with the outer perimeter of the home. You can check the security of your home when you are out for some business meeting or vacation and check the security of your kids. An outdoor home security camera can protect you from the false liabilities, helps in the theft detection and can be used as evidence when required in order to prosecute the guilty. The best thing you can have with the help of the best home surveillance system is the peace of mind that is priceless.

Features of an Effective CCTV Camera for Home-

  • Motion detection-
  • A motion detecting security alarm for home sends you a notification, when observes a suspicious activity within an area and alert you about it so that you can monitor the situation. Also, motion sensor only records a footage when a motion is detected and thereby prevents from creating a pile of the video footages.
  • Field of View-
  • Field of view is a width of an area that a camera can cover and helps you to determine what number of cameras are required for home monitoring.
  • Sound-
  • The sound that the camera receives from a micro-phone or that it emits via speaker and used for intercom.
  • Resolution-
  • The resolution of a CCTV camera for home defines the clarity of a footage. Clearer the image, easier will be the face detection of the intruders.
  • WiFi Capability-
  • A camera with WiFi makes it easier to communicate with your Home network wirelessly. Wireless home surveillance systems are easy to install and difficult to disable as there is no wire to cut.

Night Vision-

  • An effective video surveillance system is one that record in low or no-light conditions, as criminal activities often take place on nights.

iVaid Surveillance offers best home security system for 24x7 protection for your home and its outer perimeter. Our techno-adepts can assist you with the best surveillance solutions for your multi-faceted security needs. We offer a comprehensive range of the outdoor home security cameras to facilitate the lives. For our best home security camera system, customer reports are highly applauding.


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